«Ukrainian Honey Group» (UHG)

«Ukrainian Honey Group» (UHG) is one of the leaders of the domestic honey market of Ukraine. We started our business in 2004 and our head office is located in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. The mission of Ukrainian Honey Group – is to promote the healthy life by increasing the consumption of honey and other bee products. Ukrainian Honey Group include 3 companies as indicated below. Company-1 is our own apiary. We have organized our own honey production on the industrial level. Our goal is to have 5 thousand beehives and produce high quality honey. At the moment we pass the certification for obtaining an organic certificate and next year we plan to get the ORGANIC certificate. Company-2 works on the domestic market in Ukraine. Our company produces honey under its own brand «Pasika» and has a reliable system for controlling the quality of production. We offer different types of honey (poliflora, acacia, linden and buckwheat), which we pack in glass and plastic tare. We works with practically all well-known Ukrainian retail chains, including Auchan, Silpo, Furshet, Billa, Novus and others. We sell our honey directly to all those supermarkets, without any kind of intermediaries, which allows us to keep reasonable prices to our honey and guarantee its quality. Company-3 is exporting honey abroad. In 2016 we completed the modernization of our own production factory and today we have a modern honey processing plant with a production capacity up to 5 thousand tons of honey per year. We export honey to such countries as France, Spain, Germany, Poland and others. We are looking forward to build long-term and friendly relationship with our partners and invite to establish a profitable cooperation with us.

Address: 3, st. Basov, v. Krasilovka, Kyiv region, 07451

E-Mail: info@honey.kiev.ua

Website: www.honey.kiev.ua

General Director: Sergii Gryn. Tel: +38 067 3233923. E-Mail: Sergii.Gryn@honey.kiev.ua