“Natural Honey”

The company “Natural Honey” began its activity in 2016 in the city of Zaporozhie. Only high-quality honey is produced at our plant, which is tested in QSI/Intertek or any other approved laboratory according to the client`s preference. At the moment we export homogenized honey in bulk to the following countries: Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, USA.

Quality Key points:

  • ISO 22 000:2007 (ISO 22000:2005) certified
  • True Source certified
  • FMSA certified according to the SGS audit in 2018
  • In the process of obtaining FSCC:22000

Technology of production:

In the beginning, we have honey in a package of beekeepers, which is approved by the laboratory, for processing. In the end, we get homogenized polyflora honey ready for export in a 200-liter container.

According to the normative definition, honey substances can’t be removed or added in any way, and its structure can be changed only in precisely designated boundaries.

The requirements of these documents are fully observed in our production. Regardless of the initial characteristics of the product (degree of crystallization, levels of oxymethylfurfural and diastases, temperature), the final result in the barrels must correspond to the contract items.The technological map clearly regulates all production processes. It describes the duration and temperature regime of the crystallization of honey in heat chambers, the order of bringing honey to the required density for homogenization before sparing filtration and spillage. Compliance with production standards is under the control. Every year, the company “Natural Honey”confirms its high competence during the inspection by the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control Service of Ukraine. Its result is obtaining permission for further export of products abroad.

Why US?!

  1. High-quality product
  2. Customer care
  3. Reliability
  4. Market understanding

Registered office: 69118, Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Avtozavodska str. 32, suite 26

Factory address: 69083, Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Shidna str. 5А

Phone: +38 (061) 707-27-00, 707-37-00

Website: www.naturalhoney.com.ua

e-mail: sales.naturalhoney@gmail.com