«Med Podillya» LLC

History of our company started back at 1939, when Vinnitsia Regional Office of Beekeeping was started. In 1990 was founded plan for processing and packaging of honey, pollen and wax. In 2005 company was transformed into LLC. Since that moment enterprise has started exporting honey and other products of beekeeping worldwide. Nowadays we have modern equipment for packaging, modern laboratory for testing, good reputation among partners and consumers. But the most valuable thing for us is to realize that our product makes people healthy and strong. Our top priority is quality of honey, we provide 3-stage laboratory analyses for our product. Our product is 100% natural, free of any kinds of additions. It is the best substitute of sugar, extremely useful source of vitamins and minerals. Ukraine is gifted with reach and healing flora and our honey and bee products absorb this powerful properties! And our company wants to bring this gift of Ukrainian land to every single house all over the world!

Address: Saltikov-Shchedrin str, 131, Vinnitsia, Ukraine, 21010

Website: www.medpodillya.com

Tel: +380 432 611032

E-Mail: info@medpodillya.com

Director: Mykytyuk Ivan

Contact person: Olha Chubar. Tel: +380 97 6886249. E-Mail: olya@medpodillya.com

Contact person: Yuriy Pokutsa. Tel: +380 68 1511993. E-Mail: yuriy.pokutsa@gmail.com